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Data Transfer Utilisation

In order to decide the appropriate bandwidth to ensure Service efficiency, TECHGURU will monitor the usage of the TECHGURU Internet backbone network of each node for bandwidth. Initiating bandwidth enhancements for a backbone connexion in a TECHGURU backbone network is TECHGURU ‘s Network Management Strategy, if a backbone link is consistently used in excess of 85% (85%) over four ( 4) consecutive hours.

TECHGURU also tracks each TECHGURU Web backbone Network’s Data Transfer Use, with the server aimed at only using the data transfer rates assigned to them every month. For extra use, the customer is paid at Rs. 1,500/- (for which Division refers) per 100 GB extra use per month and the payment is due within 7 days.


The TECHGURU Data Center ‘s average available goal is 99.9% per month (without planned maintenance available). TECHGURU-controlled routers, IP and other data centre devices may be used as an availability statistic. Service Interruption shall mean an event where at least sixty (60) minutes of service are inaccessible.

No intrusion or service interruption arising from the customer maintenance activities demanded or delegated or from planned or regular TECHGURU operations shall be protected by the service outage. Service outage TECHGURU shall inform the customer at a time decided by the customer three ( 3) days before planned maintenance. Three ( 3) hours were not exceeded for a single maintenance day.

Furthermore, TECHGURU will not alert Consumers explicitly in advance of any short-term repairs in any service disruption, or any interruption triggered by emergency or general repair, lasting ten(10) minutes or less. To prevent these events, TECHGURU will make every effort. In addition, during specified maintenance periods TECHGURU will perform short-lived overall maintenance.

Service loss credits shall be issued if the availability of the TECHGURU Internet network backbone network falls below the target of 99.9%, 7 hours per regular (720 hours a month) latency is excluded from service interruption credits. For all service interruption events that can be checked by TECHGURU, a one (1) day interruption credit is given for errors lasting more than 60 minutes but less than 8 hours. A cumulative service interruption of two ( 2 ) days and a cumulative service interruption credit equivalent to one month’s monthly connexion fee will be given with a service outage of more than 8 (8) hours.

The service credit per hour is split by seven hundred twenty (720) hours of monthly lodging fee. The Outage allowance is split into 30 (30) days and is equal to a monthly connexion fee. At the conclusion of the duration of this Arrangement, service interruption compensation shall be issued by TECHGURU. TECHGURU shall not extend the relevant monthly subscription rates for such a period of service interruption for any penalty for service interruption credits.

System Outage Credits are given only if the user has submitted an issue request with privilege customer care of TECHGURU within 2 hours of the interruption of operation. The service violation will be based on TECHGURU’s internal documents and the above issue file, at the absolute discretion of TECHGURU. If TECHGURU’s Privilege Customer Support division is not informed within 2 hours of service disruption the customer is required to initiate service exit with TECHGURU’s Privilege Customer Support Division. When a problem ticket is opened the service exit is regarded.In any event, the service interruption credits of TECHGURU shall not be awarded in cash , check, or other form of currency.

Modification of Rules and Regulations

This Rules and Regulations may be updated by TECHGURU fifteen ( 15 ) days from the date of updates to customers by publishing this new Regulations and Laws.

4. The Service Level Arrangement is part of and shall be read and interpreted according to the domain co-location arrangement.


1. For purposes of the prohibited and/or abusive activities, the term “content” means information or material of any type capable of being posted or transmitted on or through the Access Service, including material in print, graphic, pictorial audio, or audio-visual form.

2. When using the Service :-

  • Defamation. CLIENT promises not to publish or upload any material in breach of any existing copyright or defamation laws in India or anywhere else.
  • Fraud. CLIENT promises not to publish or distribute any material false on or through the App. This includes any information you know or have reason to believe is inaccurate, and on which you wish to rely on others.
  • False Advertising. CLIENT accepts that no ads or advertising campaigns containing false, inaccurate or deceptive claims, complaints or representations shall be written, distributed to or through the Service.
  • Unsolicited Advertising. CLIENT decides not to publish or distribute to other clients, persons or businesses, except in areas ( e.g. confidential ads areas) approved for that reason, unauthorised advertisement, promotional content or other means of solicitation. CLIENT further accepts that TECHGURU or its partners shall not be involved or affiliated in any manner with publishing or distributing inappropriate ads, promotional material or any other form of advertisement, including, but not limited to, unsolicited adverts sent to a website of the host TECHGURU from any other provider of services and inappropriate advertisements transmitted from another source.
  • Copyright Violations. CLIENT accepts that the content, in full or in part, of a particular person’s or entity ‘s copyright will not be uploaded or distributed by or via the Service.
  • Trademark, Service Mark, and Trade Dress Violations. Through its Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Dresses or other forms of identification of origin, CLIENT decides not to publish, pass, through the Web any material that infringes or otherwise breaches the rights of any individual.
  • Trade Secret Violations. CLIENT accepts that any material that discloses commercial secrets or other sensitive or proprietary information belonging to another person or other individual will not be accessed or distributed via the Web.
  • Obscenity. CLIENT agrees to publish no harmful or pornographic materials on or through the Website, not limited to but not necessarily child pornography.
  • Harassment, Threats, and Abuse. CLIENT agrees not in any way, including the use of an obscene, hateful, racist, ethical or sexually abusive content or any other offensive material, to use the Service to annoy, bully, threaten or assault another person or organisation.
  • False Pretences. CLIENT decides not to use the Service to personalise anybody, including but not limited to, a TECHGURU officer or an information supplier, guide, or host, or associate using a fake identity or identity that you may not have the permission or authorization to use with all online contact types, including screen names, user accounts, chat dialogue and posts.
  • Chain Letters. CLIENT chooses not to publish or send chain letters or messages advertising a product or service or even general knowledge on the basis of a chain letter arrangement on the Website or through it.
  • Inappropriate Content. User consent is required only, under the conditions — for example, information / topics not addressed by users of a specific newsgroup or mailing list — to publish or distribute material in the Service that is clearly insufficient.
  • Violations of Service Providers’ Rules. CLIENT acknowledges that it will not use the Service in violation of any other internet content provider or digital web operating law , regulation or guideline.
  • Not Transferable. CLIENT agrees that this Agreement is not transferable.
  • Process Abuse. CLIENT promises not to file fake reports, or to misuse any of the TECHGURU grievances and resolution processes against TECHGURU or its staff, agents and other clients.
  • Systems Abuse. CLIENT promises to stop abusing the TECHGURU system or any other device accessible through the Internet via TECHGURU via causing any disruption to the device to hinder or adversely affect other users ‘ ability to use the system effectively. In addition, you agree not to jeopardise or attempt, including but not limited to, attempted access to any data, server or account that you are not specifically allowed to access, protection in TECHGURU or any location.
  • Support Abuse. CLIENT accepts that TECHGURU ‘s approved officials shall not be threatened, insulted or exploited by them, including but not limited to members of tech support, customer relations and sales agents and TECHGURU’s support service.
  • SPAM. Whatever the intention, CLIENT shall not send unsolicited messages. Whatever content on / via either of your IP address(es) you or your end-users consent not to publish or cross-post any commercial messages that TECHGURU has sent to you.
  • Disruptive Activities. User shall not use the Service to interrupt the usual online dialogue flow or make other permitted users, including, but not limited to, any viruses, Trojan horses , worms, time bombs, cancel bots or any other routine for computer programming intended to destroy, adversely interfere with and instantly interfere with any device, or expropriate any date data, dataset or method.
  • Inappropriate software, products, and services. CLIENT acknowledges that any device, product or service that is unlawful, that violated the rights of the TECHGURU or a third party or that is assigned to breach this Arrangement not to be downloaded, distributed, advertised or otherwise available. Software, goods or services are, though not limited to, programmes for the purpose of delivering unsolicited messages, such as spam advertising systems , programmes for the purpose of launching “no service” attacks, mail bomb programmes and programmes for unwanted access to networks on the Internet.

3. CLIENT promises to take no action beyond the limits of the Internet Telephony Service and which is unconstitutional in India:

  • Communication via the telephone number (PSTN / ISDN / PLMN), as specified by the National Numbers Programme, from anywhere to anywhere;
  • Start of mobile voice contact service in India and termination of voice communication in India.
  • Set up a public network link in India and/or set up a firewall in India between the Internet & PSTN / ISDN / PLMN.
  • Choose lines from nodes with an external dialling system.